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Night at the Museum

So I’ve been pretty bad about blogging about what I’m doing (sorry!!) so tonight armed with a banana smoothie and a good mood I am going to do some serious blogging. 

On Thursday night I went with Ryan Dennis (Public Art Director at PRH) and Linda Shearer (Director of PRH) and Ellen Hanson (Bennington Student and fellow PRH intern) to the Contemporary Arts Museum in Houston for a talk by the artist Abigail Deville. She is a really cool artist who makes amazing installations of found art. Her art is a mix of history, cosmology and found objects. 

After Deville, there was a talk on D.J. Screw and the Screw movement in Houston. I knew almost nothing about this kind of music so it was actually pretty interesting. 

I was pretty sick when I went which kind of a bummer but the subject matter was interesting and seeing the CAMH was really cool. I’m excited for more field trips to see the art scene in Houston!